SaluSpa Palm Springs Hot Tub Review

Portable hot tubs are incredible additions to a home and garden that will enable you to take relaxing soaks alone or with friends at any time of the day or night. It can be hard, however, to choose the exact hot tub that will work the best for you.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a hot tub. How big should it be? What brands can I trust? How much should I spend? These are just a few of the many questions that might be going through your head as you research your perfect tub.

Fortunately, I’ve zoned in on one of the market’s best hot tubs for you. The SaluSpa Palm Spring Hot Tub is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a slightly larger portable hot tub. This tub can accommodate up to 6 people and would make a great socializing spot.

In this review, I’ll run through the important points you should be aware of when considering this hot tub, and inform you of both what it can and cannot offer you. I’ll attempt to be as comprehensive as possible to give you a good idea of both the pros and cons of this tub.

About The Product

The SaluSpa Palm Springs Hot Tub is made by the reputable Lay-Z-Spa brand’s manufacturers. This portable spa is designed in a neutral tan and white color scheme that will complement any indoor or outdoor setting well.

The sturdy inflatable frame of the spa is made with I-beams to allow users to sit on the edge of the spa in social situations.

The frame has a diameter of 77 inches and a height of 28 inches - holding up to 242 gallons of hot water. This water is held in by a durable 3-ply reinforced TriTech material case.

SaluSpa Palm Springs AirJet inflatable 6-Person hot tub buttons.

Key Features

  • “Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs” is printed in white lettering on the spa’s outer canvas
  • The hot tub has an automatic start/stop timer-controlled heating system
  • The water filtration system is cartridge based (easily replaceable)
  • ​An insulation cover comes with the hot tub
  • A special spa pump is used to inflate the tub
  • There is a digital control panel built into the heating element of the spa
  • A chemical floater keeps spa pool water clean
  • ​The upper temperature limit of the system is 104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • ​The hot tub has a cushioned air pad floor for added user comfort and spa insulation
  • 242 gallons of water is the recommended water capacity

SaluSpa Palm Springs Ownership Benefits

For people thinking of buying the SaluSpa Palm Springs hot tub there are many benefits of the purchase to consider in your decision making. Not only will a portable hot tub add another feature onto your home and garden, but it will give you a great focal point for entertaining.

The SaluSpa Palm Spring hot tub is large enough to fit up to 6 people, making it a great addition for any home that enjoys entertaining.

If you have teenagers, they are far more likely to invite their friends to hang out at their house if you have a hot tub. This can be a real advantage to parents who like to be able to have some overview as to what their kids are up to.

Another advantage of the SaluSpa Palm Springs is it’s Lay-Z-Spa massage system which is perfect for unwinding a tired body at the end of a hard day. With enough room in the tub to allow an adult human to stretch out, it’s the perfect place to undergo at home hydrotherapy.

What Others Are Saying

The vast majority of SaluSpa Palm Springs owners who have left reviews on their experiences with this hot tub report being very satisfied.

Woman in SaluSpa Palm Springs AirJet inflatable 6-Person hot tub.

The positive aspects mentioned many times about the tub are the soft floor it has to sit on. One user did note that getting a water filled cushion to sit on for shorter people might be a good idea.

Another big plus in user’s books was the ease of setup and rapid heating (going up 2-3 degrees per hour) of the water. Most users are happy with the 104 degree Fahrenheit upper limit of temperature and some are happy that it can’t get any hotter so as to avoid burning younger users.

The negatives about this hot tub have more to do with the water than the tub itself, with a couple of owners reporting problems getting the chemicals and pH level of the spa to balance. We’d recommend being careful to follow the tubs instruction manual and to use bromine in treatments.

Purchasing Advice

At a once off cost of only around $400, the SaluSpa Palm Springs Hot Tub is a perfect choice for those wanting a portable hot tub that is a little more spacious than the average tub. This tub is perfect for entertaining and absolutely luxuriously spacious for one or two person bathing.

If you’re interested in purchasing the SaluSpa Palm Springs, then I’d recommend you buy it off Amazon as they offer it at a low cost and with all the necessary add-ons. Included in the Amazon spa pack you’ll receive:

  • 1 x instructions DVD
  • 1 x filter cartridge
  • 1 x chemical floater
  • 1 x insulation cover

Both the user guide and the warranty documentation can be downloaded from Amazon to ensure you have an electronic copy of both items.

SaluSpa Palm Springs AirJet inflatable 6-Person hot tub with people.

Final Verdict

I’m giving the SaluSpa Palm Springs Hot Tub a solid thumbs up for its clever design as a spacious yet portable hot tub. The easy setup and use combined with its small luxuries like the massage jets make it a diverse and useful object to have in any home or garden. Order this portable spa for your own personal enjoyment, or for use in entertaining guests.

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