Confer Plastics Spa Step with Storage

A spa step is one of the most useful accessories you can buy for your hot tub. It makes it safer and easier to get in and out of the tub.

Choosing a step might seem like a simple task, but there are many more products out there than you might expect. You need to consider a range of factors, from whether you'll need to put the step together to how safe it is.

In fact, although a spa step might be a simpler product on the surface, choosing one can sometimes feel as confusing as deciding which hot tub to buy.

In this review, we'll take a look at just one of the options you have for hot tub steps.

The Confer Plastics Spa Step with Storage offers you a two-step platform to help you get in and out of your tub, and it doubles up as a handy storage space.

I'll take a look at the advantages this set of steps offers and how well it meets certain criteria. You can even read about what people who have bought the product are saying about their experience of buying and owning it.

If you're looking for a set of hot tub steps that you can also use as storage, the Confer Plastics Spa Step with Storage is one you should consider.

Read this review to see the pros and cons of owning one and decide whether it's the best choice for you to use with your hot tub.

About The Product

The Confer Plastics Spa Step with Storage features two steps made from tough resin, which is marketed as being maintenance free.

The product description for this set of products says that the step comes fully assembled, and it can support a weight of up to 300lbs.

The ridged steps offer stability for wet feet to make climbing in and out easy. Perhaps one of the best things about the steps is that they can also be used as storage for any of your spa equipment and accessories.

The steps measure 24" x 36" x 15" and weigh 23.2lbs, making them relatively easy to move around but still solid.

The storage compartment can be used to hold a range of items, including chemicals, but it's not lockable.

The light gray color of the steps is ideal for use with any hot tub because it's unlikely to clash with anything.

plastics spa step with storage

Key Features

  • Comes in an attractive two-tone light gray color
  • Features two sturdy steps
  • Supports up to 300lbs
  • Has a generous storage compartment
  • Ridged steps improve safety for climbing in and out of hot tubs
  • Made of maintenance free resin designed to last for years

Confer Plastics Spa Step with Storage Ownership Benefits

You can benefit from owning a sturdy step of hot tub steps in several ways. One of the major benefits is that it makes it safer to climb in and out of your hot tub, especially for children or anyone with mobility issues.

This two-step option from Confer Plastics is low to the ground to keep it safe, but still gives you the boost you need to get into your hot tub more easily. The addition of the textured surface of the steps ensures they're not too slippery when wet.

There are further benefits to owning hot tub steps with storage. Not only do you get the practicality of a step up to your hot tub, but you also have space to store essential tools, equipment, and accessories.

You probably have a range of items you use for the hot tub, from fun toys to cleaning chemicals. Being able to store them inside your hot tub steps is convenient and gives you easy access to what you need.

These simple steps and storage make it simple to get what you need for your hot tub. It offers the basic features anyone might look for from a set of hot tub steps.

What Others Are Saying

Reviews for the Confer Plastics Spa Step with Storage are largely positive, although a few people have had a couple of issues.

One of the best reviews is in fact from someone who used the step not for their hot tub but as a step down from their new sliding glass doors. They say that they are still using the step after two years, and it still looks great.

Another customer did choose to use the hot tub steps for their intended purpose, giving it a five-star review, particularly for the storage space for all their hot tub supplies.

Some of the more negative reviews have similar complaints.

One of the main issues that some people have had is that although the step claims to arrive fully assembled, there is actually some assembly required.

One reviewer points out they needed a rubber mallet to get their step assembled properly, while others have had some trouble fitting the pieces together securely.

spa step with storage

However, even some of the people who have had trouble putting the step together have found that it's sturdy once they have constructed it. One reviewer praised the solidness of the steps and the non-slip surface.

Purchasing Advice

If you're looking for a sturdy pair of hot tub steps with storage, the Confer Plastics Spa Step with Storage could be the right choice for you. At a price of just over $100 on Amazon, it's a reasonably priced option for a handy set of steps.

They could last you for several years, and longer if you don't use them all year. The storage space in these steps offers you a huge benefit that will help you keep your outdoor space tidy and your spa supplies organized.

The Amazon price is more than 60% lower than the list price, so I recommend making your purchase from there. The free-standing unit is great for using with any spa, and many people have purchased the steps for a range of other uses too.

Final Verdict

My overall verdict of the Confer Plastics Spa Step with Storage is that it's likely to be a good purchase for your hot tub, but you should proceed with caution.

Taking the price into account, you can benefit from a decent product which could meet your needs.

However, you might want to take some of the concerns about the assembly of the product into account. Although it claims to come fully assembled, it does need a small amount of assembly to get it up and running.

However, if you're prepared to do a little bit of DIY, you'll end up with a sturdy couple of steps and plenty of storage along with them.


● Sturdy construction which should last several years

● Non-slip surface on the steps for safety

● Lots of storage space for essential hot tub supplies

● Neutral color that will match any hot tub

● Free-standing unit is easy to move around


● Some assembly required, despite claims to the contrary

● Storage space doesn't lock, so not suitable for storing anything hazardous with children or pets around

Common Questions And Answers

If you're still wondering about the Confer Plastics Spa Step with Storage, it can be useful to know the answers to some of the most common questions asked by people considering purchasing it.

I have looked at the questions people are asking and chosen the most relevant ones for you to make some of the specifics of the product clearer.

  • How Large Is the Interior Storage Space?
    Although the product on Amazon lists the overall dimensions, it doesn't give the size of the storage space. The space measures 8" x 9.5" x 12" so, while it doesn't give you the whole interior of the steps, you still have a sizeable space to use for storage.
  • Does the Unit Need to Be Attached to a Hot Tub?
    These hot tub steps are free-standing, so there's no need to attach them to the side of your hot tub. This makes it convenient to move around, although it does mean you need to be a little more cautious when getting in and out of your tub.
  • Can I Use These Steps for Other Purposes?
    Many people consider these steps for purposes other than using with their hot tub. Buying them for use outside a motorhome appears to be a popular choice. Several people who have bought the product have said that the sturdy nature of the steps makes them practical for other uses, and not just for hot tub steps. However, some point out that it's necessary to have a sturdy surface to keep the steps stable.

If you're looking for a simple set of hot tub steps with storage for extra convenience, the Confer Plastics Spa Step with Storage is a good choice.

Order your step to use with your spa or perhaps for another purpose if you're looking for flexibility. With the dual-function of this product, it can save space and offer convenience.

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