Portable hot tubs are truly something special. Everyone likes hot baths, as they're incredibly relaxing and bring a lot of benefits to one's health. Unlike the regular models, the portable hot tubs will allow you to place them wherever you want - including the backyard. And there's nothing like taking a hot bath in your backyard in the middle of autumn!

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Understanding that many people want to purchase one of these practical things for themselves, but know next to nothing about them, we have decided to get together and do something about it. All of us have quite a big amount of experience with portable hot tubs - we either owned lots of them or worked at companies that manufacture them. Our knowledge of these things is great, which is exactly why we have decided to help the newcomers and make it easier for them to purchase a model that will suit their needs. Our reviews and articles are as honest and informative as possible, listing all the features, advantages, and flaws of a certain model. They will help you get to know more about the portable hot tubs, and that will make selecting the proper model a much easier task.

Ever since we founded this company, we have been striving to get better and become the number one website when it comes to portable hot tubs and everything about them. And we're on a good path here - there's not a single group of people in the U.S. who know more about portable hot tubs - all of us are experts here, and nothing pleases more than helping families in getting good models for their backyards. Why spend so much money on a regular hot tub when you can have a portable one for a smaller price? Check out our reviews and find the right model for your needs!