4 Person Octagonal 210 Gallon Spa with 120 Bubble Jets

If you’re in the market for a hot tub or jacuzzi, it can be an overwhelming experience. With so many makes and models to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right hot tub for you.

What’s more, the market can be confusing and filled with technical jargon. That’s why we’ve created this review. It’s designed to guide you through some of the more technical aspects of buying a blow-up jacuzzi to help you arrive at a well-reasoned and informed decision on which model to buy.

In this review, we’re going to look at what the 4-Person Octagonal 210 Gallon Spa with 120 bubble jets has to offer.

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    Does it provide the perfect balance of affordability and functionality?
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    Is it suitable for your intended use, or would another model be more useful?

It’s important to note that when you choose a hot tub, it should be designed to cater for your particular needs. The type of hot tub you might want if you regularly have guests over to stay is very different from the type of hot tub you would choose for use by just you and your partner.

This begs the question: who is the 4-Person Octagonal 210 gallon spa by Intex actually for?

Essentially, it’s designed to be an all-rounder, both for people who want to spend time with guests but also for romantic evenings with your significant other.

Is it up to the job?

That’s what we’re about to find out.

About The Product

The purpose of the 4-Person Octagonal 210 gallon spa is to provide you with a relaxing experience.

That’s why the jacuzzi comes equipped with 120 high-powered bubble jets dotted around the interior of the spa.

The hot tub itself also has a striking, octagonal design and it’s made from sturdy 3-ply materials, including Intex’s Fiber-tech, a technology that increases the strength of the walls of the tub, allowing you to sit on the sides as well.

The outer dimensions of the tub:
79” x 79” x 28”.

The inner dimensions:
 59” x 59” x 28”.

control panel

Key Features

  • Fiber-tech construction
  • Puncture resistant and ultra-durable
  • ​Space for up to four people making it a great choice for families
  • Control bubble settings with a touch of a button
  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • Set the temperature to your personal preference
  • Easy-to-replace filter cartridges
  • Built-in hard water treatment
  • Thermal ground cloth and carry bag for easy storage
  • The spa contains up to 210 gallons of water

4 Person Octagonal 210 Gallon Spa Ownership Benefits

Perhaps the most striking feature of the 4 Person Octagonal 210 Gallon Spa is the unique design.

The octagonal design is beautiful and appropriate for many luxury settings.

Despite the opulent design, the 4 Person Octagonal 210 Gallon Spa is no more expensive than many other similar blowup hot tubs on the market today, making it a great option for the budget- and style-conscious.

The spa comes equipped with heated water and soothing bubble jets - perfect if you need to relax.

The 120 bubble jets can be switched on using the control panel that accompanies the jacuzzi, providing you with an invigorating massage.

Thanks to its large size and versatility, the 4 Person Octagonal 210 Gallon Spa is ideal for practically any use.

You can use it with your partner for romantic evenings under the stars, or it can double up as a place to entertain guests after dinner.

As with many Intex products, the 4 Person Octagonal 210 Gallon Spa comes with the company’s proprietary Fiber-tech technology. This technology dramatically increases the strength of the walls of the jacuzzi, ensuring that it can withstand plenty of abuse.

The 3-ply material used in the construction also offers a high level of comfort and support, giving the 4 Person Octagonal 210 Gallon Spa a great look and feel.

To keep running costs low, the tub also comes with a handy cover. The cover can be thrown over the tub while not in use, helping with insulation and making sure that the water inside remains warm for the next use.

You can adjust the heating system using the control panel.

What Others Are Saying

My experience of the 4-Person Octagonal 210 Gallon Spa isn’t the only one that counts.

What do other people have to say about this product?

In general, the majority of customer reviews of the 4-Person Octagonal 210 Gallon Spa are positive. Customers say that the spa is easy to put up and take down - perfect if you need to clear it away quickly.

4 Person Octagonal 210 Gallon Spa

Customers also report that the 4 Person Octagonal 210 Gallon Spa provides a luxury experience, exactly what you’d expect from a hot tub with such a unique design.

Some customers, however, say that quality control issues have dampened their experience of the hot tub. One customer said that they had trouble getting the draining hose to fit, forcing them to use a makeshift garden hose instead. Another stated that they had trouble getting the hot tub to fit back inside its bag, no matter how they tried to fold it.

Although the hot tub was able to meet the majority of their needs, some customers have had issues with the water temperature when the bubbles are turned on. Thanks to the fact that the bubbles use cold air drawn from the atmosphere, pumping bubbles through the water cools it down. If you like your jacuzzi set to 104 degrees, you may find this feature annoying.

In general, however, customers are happy with their experience. They like the combination of the sturdy construction with the low price.

Purchasing Advice

The 4-Person Octagonal 210 Gallon Spa is a luxury-styled hot tub at an affordable price, making it the ideal choice for people who are style-conscious. The octagonal design is like nothing else out there on the market right now and adds a sense of class. As always, we recommend that you buy the 4-Person Octagonal 210 Gallon Spa on Amazon, thanks to the low prices, the warranty, and the accessories which come with the tub.

You can find the hot tub on Amazon for around $444 - a surprisingly low price, given the specifications.

With the hot tub you get:

  • Insulated cover for keeping the heat inside the hot tub complete with lock
  • A thermal ground cloth to prevent heat loss into the ground and protect the underside of the tub
  • ​Carry bag for easy storage
  • Filter cartridges

A Final Verdict

Overall, the 4 Person Octagonal 210 Gallon Spa is an impressive product. Thanks to its innovative design, it stands out from many of the other popular 4-seater hot tubs on the market. I find that the tub provides the perfect compromise between quality, design and affordability, providing you with a luxury experience while preserving your wallet.

The great thing about the 4 Person Octagonal 210 Gallon Spa is that it is suitable for practically any setting. It’s chic, subtle design will complement your back garden, but you can also take it away with you on vacation, thanks to the accompanying travel bag.

There are a couple of reasons to be concerned, however. Some users report that some of the accessories aren’t ideal. The carry bag designed to make the hot tub more portable is hard to use, and there are some issues regarding the draining hose. However, overall, this is a fantastic product, worth your hard-earned cash.


● Exceptional and unique design

● 120 water jets for all-around soothing massage

● Innovative octagonal space - perfect for luxury settings

● Simple, easy maintenance, thanks to easy-to-replace filter cartridges.

● Personalized heating system, capable of raising water temperature to 104 degrees

Large capacity, seating up to four people

● Built-in water treatment - great for people with sensitive skin

● Insulated cover and thermal mat included with every purchase


● Can take a long time to warm up, especially if you want higher temperatures.

● Hose attachment may be temperamental

● Turning the bubble jets on can lead to a loss of temperature which may affect those who like their spas to be hot

● The travel bag may be difficult to use.

Common Questions And Answers

  • How high does the temperature go?
    The jacuzzi has a maximum temperature of 104 degrees.
  • I have a small patio. Will the 4 Person Octagonal 210 Gallon Spa fit?
    The external dimension of this hot tub are 79” x 79” x 28”. You will need at least this much space, probably more to allow people to get in and out.
  • Can this tub be taken on vacation?
    Yes, the 4 Person Octagonal 210 Gallon Spa is a portable blow up hot tub, meaning that you can take it with you when you go on holiday. If you take it camping, remember that you will need access to an 110-volt outlet.
  • Are the bubble adjustable?
    No the bubbles are not adjustable, but you can change your body position to affect the intensity of the massage.

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