Leisure Accents Spa Step with Storage Compartment Review

Many first-time hot tub buyers are often shocked to know there are plenty of accessories you can buy to add to your product. One of which is a step to help you get in and out of it.

If you’ve splashed the cash on a really expensive tub, then it may already come with its own hot tub steps. If not, then you’ll need to buy some as they’re an essential health and safety feature.

As you can imagine, there are many hot tub steps out there so it can be hard to find the perfect ones for you. Luckily for you, I’ve managed to get my hands on a really popular set of hot tub steps; the Leisure Accents Spa Step with Storage Compartment. I took it upon myself to look at these steps and see if they’re as good as they seem.

After spending some time looking at all the features and using these steps, I put together a full review of the Leisure Accents Spa Step for you. Have a look below to see everything I found out about these steps.

About The Product

The Leisure Accents Spa Step with Storage Compartment is made entirely from plastic which makes it incredibly lightweight. It comes in three different colorways; gray/beige, port/beige, and taupe/beige. Either one of these will perfectly complement your hot tub and add a real elegant look to it.

These hot tub steps are 36” long, 24” wide, and 14” tall, meaning they don’t protrude out too far and give you ample room to stand on when getting in and out of your hot tub. They weigh a mere 25 pounds but have a shipping weight of 28.2 pounds, which is something to consider when you’re picking up the parcel.

Due to the plastic material, these hot tub steps can be cleaned with ease simply by using soap and water. They’re also completely UV resistant and weatherproof too. Finally, the Leisure Accents Spa Step can boast a removable storage compartment.

storage compartment

Key Features

  • Large storage compartment is hidden underneath the top step
  • Storage compartment can also double up as a cooler for any drinks or food
  • Can easily be fully assembled by one person in five minutes
  • ​Resistant to rain and other bad weather
  • Completely UV resistant
  • Simple and easy to clean, no special care products are required
  • Incredibly sturdy
  • Can easily handle heavy loads

Ownership Benefits

There are plenty of benefits to owning the Leisure Accents Spa Step with Storage Container. Mainly, it provides you with an easier way of getting in and out of your hot tub. Sitting at 14 inches tall, this hot tub step gives you the extra leverage you need and can improve safety.

You also have the huge benefit of being able to store things inside the top step too. The storage container is generous, and you can put all manner of things in there. It can even double up as a cooler to help keep all your drinks nice and cold while you’re in the tub - a must-have feature for anyone holding a hot tub party. In general, hot tub steps with storage can be hard to find, so this is a real plus point.

There are still many people out there who prefer wooden hot tub steps as they’re seemingly more sturdy. Well, with the Leisure Accents Spa Step you have a really sturdy step that can handle a lot of weight. It feels like it would take a lot to cause any damage to this step, and that’s reflected in the fact that it’s resistant to bad weather. Not only that, but you also have a big benefit in that these steps are easy to clean. You don’t need to go and spend more money on expensive cleaning products like you may need to with wood steps. All that’s required is some soapy water and a bit of elbow grease.

When paired with your hot tub, this step can also improve its visual appearance. Especially if you match the colors properly, it just adds something extra to your tub and stops it from looking like a boring old round tub

What Others Are Saying

If you look at the reviews of the Leisure Accents Spa Step, you’ll find almost everyone has positive things to say. In fact, it’s one of the highest rated hot tub steps with storage on Amazon, which is a real achievement.

Unsurprisingly, most people are raving about the storage compartment. There are lots of people expressing delight at how much space there is inside the storage pod. Most people choose to store their hot tub cleaning products inside this step to get them out of sight. Interestingly, the people that do this have said they ignored an orange label on the step saying ‘not for chemical storage.' No one has had any complaints or issues, so this shows it is fine to use for chemical storage if you want to put your cleaning supplies in there.

spa step with storage

A lot of people like the fact that the steps are partially assembled. Some are annoyed as they are advertised as fully assembled on Amazon, which is a lie. You do have to put them together, but most people say this is easy and can be done on your own. Plus, the tricky parts, such as the hinges, are already stuck on and assembled, so you have very little work to do.

People are also very happy about the size of these hot tub steps. Everyone seems to agree that they’re about the perfect height for the average hot tub. The width is perfect too, there’s more than enough room when you’re on them, no one complains about slipping off the side.

Considering these are hot tub steps with storage, the durability is very impressive too. Nobody that’s reviewed it seems to complain about how durable they are, even though the top of the first step opens up for the container pod.

The final thing most people are happy with is the price. As far as hot tub steps with storage go, most people think this is great value for money. The Leisure Accents Spa Step is only $119.99, plus free shipping. Some are even claiming you can’t find a better price for the quality of the product, but that remains to be seen.

As far as negatives go, most of the negative complaints were about assembly as I mentioned earlier. They’re annoyed that it says no assembly required when there clearly is. Also, some people struggle to assemble it on their own, but they’re really in the minority here.

Purchasing Advice

The Leisure Accents Spa Step with Storage Container sits at a very appealing price of $119.99. To the naked eye that may seem like a lot, but it’s great value for money compared to other hot tub steps with storage. Especially when you factor in all the great reviews about how good the product us and how durable the steps our.

My purchasing advice for this product is to buy it from Amazon for sure. This is purely because it’s the best price and you also get free delivery, which is always a big bonus. I also highly advise you try and plan things so your hot tub step gets ordered while you’re home. The packaging can be fairly bulky, which means someone has to sign for the product, and I doubt your neighbors will be happy about holding onto such a large package until you get home. So, either make sure you’re in or get someone to stay at your house, so they’re there when it gets delivered.

You don’t get anything else with your delivery apart from the steps themselves. In the manual, it says you need a rubber mallet and screwdriver to assemble the stairs, so it’s worth ordering them if you don’t have any as well.

Final Verdict

A Final Verdict

All in all, this is a really great product that gives you everything you need for an affordable price. The Leisure Accents Spa Step with Storage Container provide you with an easier of getting in and out of your hot tub. Plus, the storage compartment is just amazing, and you can really fit a lot of things in there. I also love how it can be used as a cooler when you have parties too. If you’re looking for some steps that make life easier for you while also being fantastic quality, these are for you.

Taking everything into account, I give this product a solid 4.5 stars out of 5.


● Very durable

● Lots of storage space

● Easy to clean

● Perfect size

● Great price

● Can use storage as a cooler


● Assembly required

Common Questions And Answers

  • Can you store cleaning products in the storage container?
    It technically says you shouldn’t, but everyone does and nobody has complained about any problems so far.
  • What’s the weight limit?
    The weight limit is unknown, but people have left reviews saying they’re 240 lbs and the steps have handled them with ease.
  • Are the steps easy to carry?
    They weigh 25 lbs which make them easy to carry between two people, and some may find them easy to carry on their own too.
  • Do both steps contain storage space?
    Unfortunately, only the top step contains storage space, but it’s very deep and generously sized.

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